Cage Warriors Unplugged 2

The second ever Unplugged event in Cage Warriors history is nearly here! It’s been over five years since Cage Warriors last staged a one-night title tournament. Josh Reed, Marko Kovacevic, Jack Cartwright and Scott Malone will contest for the bantamweight belt formerly held by Jack Shore, Nathaniel Wood and Brett Johns, all of which were signed to the UFC shortly after becoming champions.

Main Card (9PM)

Bantamweight Tournament Final


Mehdi Ben Lakhdhar (156 lbs) vs. Joe McColgan (155.8 lbs)

Louis Glismann (170.4 lbs) vs. Craig White (168.5 lbs)

Tom Mearns (152.2 lbs) vs. Decky McAleenan (149.5 lbs)

Matteo Ceglia (173.9 lbs) vs. Ian Garry (176 lbs)

Pro Prelims (6.30PM)

Mateusz Makarowski (162.2 lbs) vs. Paul Hughes (159.9 lbs)

Jack Cartwright (134.2 lbs) vs. Scott Malone (134.7 lbs)

Marko Kovacevic (134.2 lbs) vs. Josh Reed (134.6 lbs)

Tanio Pagliericcio (135 lbs) vs. Ayton De Paepe (135 lbs